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Géneros Singer-songwriter
Ubicación: San Francisco

LILA BLUE is a singer songwriter from New York City who moved to San Francisco in 2011. At just 17 years old, Lila Blue has proven herself to be an accomplished recording artist, theatrical composer, and multi-instrumentalist.  Her songs seem to flow from some deep and ageless source, laying bare emotional journeys unexpected from someone so young. Her vocal phrasing still carries the sweetness of youth, but the lyrics resonate with the shadows and complexity of an older soul. This is poetry wed to music.

HAVE A LOOK - Lila’s first EP (Sept. 2017) and third release, offers five songs exploring the sometimes dark and painful edges of relationships, the process of fighting back or letting go, and coming to terms with the aftermath. Her voice has taken on a new depth and maturity, both in point of view and in tone. Lila returned to renowned San Francisco recording studio, Tiny Telephone, this time co-producing with San Francisco musician, engineer, and producer, Samantha Perez. Commenting on the making of the EP, Lila recalls, “It was all about breaking new ground. For each LP, I had producers who were so helpful in their ability to arrange and direct, two things I was not yet completely comfortable doing, seeing as I was still new to the recording aspect of music. But this time around, with Sami, there was a constant collaborative conversation going on that helped me step out of my comfort zone, in terms of seeing what I could do. Also, I wanted to create something that, while it still holds the dark edges of what life can be like, it also highlights that things change, we change, and we get better. This EP reflects where my mind lives right now, musically, just like the previous two LP’s did.”

Her first album, Lucille, was released when Lila was just 14 years old. A few years later it caught the ear of Golden Globe winning actress, writer, director, and producer Lena Dunham, who featured it on her "Lenny Letter" summer listening list declaring, "I am fucking obsessed with Lila Blue, a 16 year old from San Francisco who breaks my heart then pieces it back together again with her ukulele. Her maturity (and voice) are an astonishing gift. Her debut album Lucille….is music for getting well to."  

Lila’s second album, The Hollows Hold the Healing, witnessed her intensifying musical and life perspective, a fearless exploration into the often hidden crevices of the heart, mind, and soul. It was named by the San Francisco Weekly as one of 2016’s Top 5 Albums by local artists and reached several Top 30 playlist rankings on national college and internet radio.  She was also included in the SF Weekly “2017’s Best Of” Entertainment list.

Both Lucille and Hollows have songs included on the 2017 soundtrack for a Lifetime movie, Story of a Girl, with "Kill All the Witnesses" as a powerful opening track. The film is Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut, and stars Kevin Bacon, Ryann Shane, and a strong ensemble cast including Sosie Bacon. 

Lila Blue has been performing regularly at clubs and festivals in San Francisco and New York;  in-studio live performances include Paste Magazine (10K+ views), KPFA, and KUSF. She has appeared as a Special Guest Vocalist for the award winning dance performance troupe, Noche Flamenca, at New York's Lincoln Center Out of Doors summer series and other NYC performances.  Lila has written and arranged original theater scores for the New Conservatory Theater of San Francisco, and for the past 9 years has been scoring for The Lake Lucille  / Chekov Project of New York. 

We are just at the beginning of Lila Blue's musical journey, which promises to take us deep down into our own hidden depths and back to the light again. She holds up in front of us a sharp-edged mirror to reflect many of the lessons we usually learn much later in life, but with a singed innocence and the bluntness of youth.

Management: Kat Cook / 

Booking: Maria Matias Music /

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